Gryphon Asset Management

Gryphon Asset Management

Gryphon Asset Management, established in 1998, is a specialist fund manager focusing on innovative investment products, retirement and collective investment portfolios.


Mandates are managed on a core-satellite approach, utilising a combination of Indexation (Passive funds management), Alternative Investment strategies and active asset allocation. Our product offering covers the entire investment spectrum ranging from Fixed Income investment products to Equity- and Multi-Asset funds.


We aim to provide a range of products that are differentiated from our competitors in methodology leading to enhanced value-add and risk mitigation. Our approach is grounded upon our conviction that in an efficient market more value is added through the allocation of assets; therefore, making use of indexation or passively managed stock is a pivotal part of actively managing assets. Our earnings and low-cost track record speak for themselves across the product range.  


Our range of services include Asset Management, Financial Engineering, Transition Management and Financial Planning.

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