GQM Fund Administrators

GQM Fund Administrators

Established in 2007, the company’s “Administration Only” services are offered through qualified, independent consultants, with acquired specialist knowledge in the field of retirement funds.


This business model allows for independence and segregation of all service aspects relating to a fund, supporting the foundations of good governance and solid compliance.


In addition, this offering brings the advantage of selecting from a full range of investments and risk benefits from across the market, that can be attached to the administration services.


The niche approach taken by GQM enables it to place focus on continuously developing its administration services and systems to ultimate efficiency.


This it confidently believes is what results in the “Value Add Service” to all parties in the service chain.


Strict administration processes and procedures are applied.


Consultants and clients are familiarized with these and are expected to conform to this in order for GQM to provide the promoted levels of service. Interactive and pro-active communication is regarded as an essential aspect to the successful relationship with all stakeholders.


Employers, consultants and members are communicated with through SMS’s, the GQM Mobile App and Web portals.


Administration services are focused on 3 distinct areas:


• Stand Alone Funds

• Umbrella Funds

• Administration project services